• Yoga Prema

    Instructor: Ai Tanaka

    To tone up your body, heal an injury, lose weight, be more flexible or even just chill out... whatever your purpose to start yoga is, once you start and continue practicing, you'll feel more energized as your body condition improves and your mind becomes clearer.  Then, your purpose becomes no longer the purpose.

    Students of all ability levels are welcome.

  • Giants Tickets

    Giants Membership Promotions Group Tickets

    Game Dates, Times and Prices vary - please see individual game for details

    JCCCNC seat locations vary by season and game


    Giveaway: changes each season (call or see specific game for details)

  • Ikebana

    Instructor: Chizuko Nakamura

    Learn the traditional Japanese art of Ikebana. Reflect on the simplistic beauty of nature through flower arranging.

  • Asian American Seniors Writing

    Instructor: Genevieve Lim

    Spend the morning creating personal memoirs, journaling or writing poems, essays, letters, and sharing them among friends.

  • Tougei Ceramics

    Instructor: Tomoko Nakazato

    Learn various ceramic techniques including basic hand-building constructions, wheel throwing,basic pinching, joining coiling and slab, clay preparation and surface decorations to create unique sculptures and functional wares.  While no experience is necessary, the instructor will also work with more advanced students to explore and develop their own techniques and projects.

  • Watercolor

    Instructor: Wendy Yoshimura

    Learn the basics of watercolor painting using still life objects.

  • Line Dancing

    Instructor: Alan Kitashima

    Learn dance steps to smooth R&B music and keep in shape while making new friends.

  • Karate

    Instructor: Sensei Craig Hamakawa

    Karate is an Okinawan martial art meaning "empty hand." Develop self-defense skills that will strengthen you not only physically, but mentally, as well.

    NOTE: ages 6 & up (male and female)

  • Sr. Chair Aerobics

    Instructor: Kaeko Inori

    Designed for seniors who want to build physical strength and improve body balance and muscle flexibility.

  • Hula- Keiki (Kids)

    Give the gift of hula to your child as s/he learns coordination, grace, and teamwork through working on both modern and traditional hula in the children's class

  • Chorale May

    Instructor:Ruriko Miura

    Be part of an all male chorus group and sing a wide variety of songs, mainly in Japanese and English.

  • Ensemble Shiki

    Instructor:Ruriko Miura

    Be part of a mixed chorus group and sing a wide variety of songs, mainly in Japanese and English.

  • Minyo, Hauta, & Shamisen

    Instructor: Hideko Nakajima

    Improve your voice, tone, and projection while cinging contemporary Japanese popular songs.

    (Note: Lessons do not last from 9:00am-2:00pm.  Individual lessons are scheduled between 9:00am to 2:00pm)

  • Ukulele

    Instructor: Don Sadler

    Emphasis of the class will be primarily on Hawaiian song traditions.  Approach to playing the ukulele focuses on the basic chords and rhythmic strumming techinique. 

    This class is open to all levels.

  • Bridge

    Coordinator: Alice Moriguchi

    Keep your mind sharp while playing bridge in a fun, social environment.

  • Hanafuda

    Coordinator: Bobby Hirano

    Hanafuda (flower card) is a traditional Japanese card game dating back over 350 years, with varying styles similar to Gin Rummy.

  • Mah Jongg

    Engage in social activity and develop creative strategy skills by playing the Chinese tile game.

  • Beginning Hula

    Instructor: Denise Teraoka


    Learn basic hula techniques and movements while getting an anaerobic (low Impact) workout at this Beginner Hula class. 

  • Hula- Gracious Ladies

    Instructor: Mary Leong


    Learn both Auwana (modern) and Kahiko (ancient) hula.  You will experience anaerobic (lower impact) exercise while learning to dance hula as well as make friends.

  • Hula- Kupuna

    Instructor: Mary Leong


    Learn both Auwana (modern) and Kahiko (ancient) hula.  You will experience anaerobic (lower impact) exercise while learning to dance hula as well as make friends.

  • Basic Drawing

    Come out and join instructor Rich Tokeshi one of the original art instructors from Japantown Art & Media, which flourished in the 80’s and 90’s.  Rich will be teaching a basic drawing class that will last 8 weeks per session that will cover a wide variety of techniques.  Rich believes that there is an “artist seed” in all of us – it just needs a little nurturing to blossom.  This class will strive to bring out that artist in you. 


  • Cooking
  • Ukulele 101

    Ukulele  101

    Thursdays, October 19 - November 9,  2017
    6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    Instructor: Don Sadler
    JCCCNC Members - $90, General Public - $110


    This class is for new ukulele players looking to get started and to prepare to join our ongoing Beginning Ukulele class held on Saturdays.  Absolutely no prior experience with music or with the instrument is required.  The two hour introductory class begins with basics such as tuning and simple chords and strums. Students will be given additional materials to practice with at home following the class.