Miso Making Workshop at Aedan Koji Kitchen

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Sunday September 18

1:00 PM  –  3:00 PM

Miso Making Workshop at Aedan Koji Kitchen

Sunday, September 18, 2022
1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Aedan Koji Kitchen, 613 York Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Instructor: Mariko Grady, Founder of Aedan Fermented Foods
$55 Center Members, $65 General Public


Make your own artisanal miso paste by hand at Aedan Koji Kitchen!

We’re excited for our collaboration with Aedan Koji Kitchen, San Francisco Mission District’s newest local shop dedicated to making and serving artisanal Japanese miso and koji products! Learn the basics of making traditional miso paste at Aedan Koji Kitchen from company founder Mariko Grady, and fill your home cooked dishes with umami and nutrition!

The workshop includes a tasting of Aedan’s miso products and discussion of traditional Japanese foods fermented with koji, including miso, amazake, pickles and more! Then we will get HANDS-ON and mash together our own batch of miso from freshly cooked soy beans, koji and salt. Each student will take home a quart size jar of miso to ferment at home for a minimum of 6 months.

About Mariko Grady and Aedan Fermented Foods

Mariko Grady is the founder of Aedan Fermented Foods. Mariko grew up in Mie, a prefecture in Japan’s Kansai region, known for its many rice fields. As a young woman, Mariko fell in love with performing and traveled the world as an accomplished actor, dancer and singer for thirty-plus years with the Japanese theatre group Pappa Tarahumara. While on tour, she always carried miso as a way to stay healthy. Her theatrical travels eventually brought her to San Francisco, where she met her husband after a performance and decided to settle down in San Francisco. Traditional cooking and miso became a way to share Japanese culture with her family and friends.

In 2011 after the devastating tsunami struck Japan, Mariko sold her natural fermented products to friends to fundraise for Japanese victims. The popularity of Mariko’s delicious fermented foods spread quickly by word-of-mouth in the local community between Japanese mothers and their friends. After this fundraising, Mariko started to write Aedan’s weekly newsletters to share fermented foods and her wisdom on leading a happy healthy life. In May 2012, Mariko joined the incubator kitchen program at La Cocina in San Francisco and since then has worked to develop her Aedan fermented food product line.

The name Aedan ‘叡伝’ comes from two Kanji characters: ‘叡’ means wisdom and ‘伝’ means to "hand down" from generation to generation. Aedan creates small batch fermented products using the knowledge passed down from Mariko's Grandfather’s miso-making business and mother’s home miso recipes in Japan. Using this traditional knowledge, she has adjusted and perfected her recipes to match the unique flora and environment of San Francisco.

In the spring of 2022, Mariko moved Aedan’s operations to their new shop, Aedan Koji Kitchen, in San Francisco’s Mission District, where she offers Aedan’s miso and koji products, take-out meals and weekend cooking classes.

Aedan brings Japanese fermented foods that are essential to flavor and health of every traditional Japanese meal to your table. Aedan hand crafts these foods in small batches, bringing you the foundation you need to craft fresh, healthful meals for you and your family. For more information on Aedan Koji Kitchen and their Fermented Foods and products, visit: aedansf.com.